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Old Gym Usage Calendar

Old Gym Schedule

No Times Available before 6pm

School Functions and or HS Practices will take precedence over all youth practices.


Monday-JoLynn Sutton 6-7pm

Monday- Matt Brennan 7-8pm


Tuesday- Ashley Fleitman 6-7pm

Tuesday- Josh Goldsmith 7-8pm


Wednesday-Julie Martin 6-7pm

Wednesday-Elem. Teachers 7-9pm


Thursday- BJ Banks 6-7pm

Thursday-Steve Cope 7-8pm

Thursday- Jordan Stennart 8-9pm


Sunday- Matt Brennan 11-12

Sunday-James Webb 12-1pm

Sunday- Karla Kemp 1-2pm

Sunday-Brian Manhart 2-3pm

Sunday- Natalie Polk 3-4pm

Sunday- Brian Neu 4-5pm

Sunday- Bradley Ice 5-6pm

Sunday- Kelly Collwell 7-8pm

Sunday-Jennifer Fleitman 8-9pm