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Cross Country

2020-2021 Alignments are Announced
The UIL has announced the cross country alignments for District 13-2A, which is in Region 2. Here are the teams in our district:

  • Alvord
  • Chico
  • Era
  • Lindsay
  • Muenster
  • Tioga

See all of the alignments for Cross Country here.

Hedrick Wins State Cross Country Title
Hedrick medal stand picture

ROUND ROCK-Allison Hedrick won the 2A Cross Country State Championship on November 9.  Her winning time was 11:33.99, which was the third-best time in 2A championship history.

Hedrick Qualifies for State CC Meet
DALLAS-The Lindsay Lady Knights Cross Country team of Allison Hedrick, Kyla Metzler, Abby Hellman, Story Tatum, Rory Dulock and Ella Dieter competed in the Regional meet on Monday, and Allison Hedrick was the 2A Girls Regional Champion and advanced to State. A team picture and a video of the award ceremony can be found on our Team App page.

Knights Run at District Meet
On October 18, all four Lindsay Cross Country teams ran in the district meet at Valley View. Here are the results:

Junior High Girls - District Champions
1 Hedrick, Autumn 13:27.00 Top Individual Runner
2 Colwell, Mary 13:28.00
3 Martin, Lexi 14:09.00
4 Fuhrmann, Katelyn 14:14.00
5 Dulock, Maya 14:16.00
6 Fuhrmann, Natalie 14:39.00
7 Brennan, Abby 14:47.00
8 Neu, Madeline 14:55.00
19 Metzler, Emily 16:16.00
23 Fleitman, Sydney 17:02.00
27 McFarlane, Sydney 17:56.00

Junior High Boys - District Champions
1 Keith, Blake 12:07.00 Top Individual Runner
3 Parsons, Blake 13:00.00
4 Corbett, Carson 13:05.00
5 Noggler, Logan 13:16.00
6 Klement, Nate 13:42.00
14 Sandmann, Hunter 14:56.00

JV Boys
8 Paul-Schmits, James 23:30.00

Varsity Boys - 4th Place Team
11 Furhmann, Stephen 18:04.00
15 Popp, Colton 20:03.00
21 Patel, Dhruv 20:35.00
22 Hellman, Matthew 20:40.00
25 McCain, Gabe 21:06.00

Varsity Girls - 3rd Place Team (Advancing to Regionals)
1 Hedrick, Allison 12:13.00 Top Individual Runner
8 Hellman, Abby 14:41.00
12 Tatum, Story 15:14.00
14 Metzler, Kyla 15:22.00
19 Dulock, Rory 16:21.00
21 Dieter, Ella 16:30.00

We have photos of the event in these galleries:
HS Girls
HS Boys
JH Girls
JH Boys

Knights Compete in Decatur
The Lindsay Cross Country teams ran in the Reunion Run in Decatur on Saturday, October 6. Here is a summary of how our students finished:

Varsity Girls (16th Place Team)

Allison Hedrick, 2nd Place, 11.52.30
Abby Hellman, 98th, 15.05.80
Rory Dulock, 128th, 16.21.10
Kyla Taylor, 129th, 16.26.20
Story Tatum, 134th, 16.37.90
Ella Dieter, 140th, 16:57.90

Varsity Boys
Stephen Fuhrmann, 49th, 20:34.5
Colton Popp, 69th, 22.14.00
Matthew Hellman, 71th, 22.21.90
Gabe McCain, 81st, 23.46.40

JV Boys
James Paul Schmitz-Marzioli, 74th, 24:50.2

7th Grade Girls (5th Place Team)
Mary Colwell, 2nd place, 14.12.0
Abby Brennan, 12th, 15.24.0
Madeline Neu, 29th, 16.27.30
Sydney McFarline, 59th, 18.12.70
Sydney Fleitman, 65th, 18.48.10

8th Grade Girls (2nd Place Team)
Autumn Hedrick, 8th place, 14.12.50
Lexi Martin, 14th, 14.41.40
Natalie Fuhrmann, 25th, 15.03.00
Maya Dulock, 30th, 15.08.70
Katelyn Fuhrmann, 31th, 15.18.10
Emily Metzler, 54th, 16.58.80

7th Grade Boys
Carson Corbett, 13th place, 13.39.30
Nate Klement, 20th, 13.59.20

8th Grade Boys
Blake Parsons, 18th place, 13.31.30
Hunter Sandmann, 54th, 15.22.20

Full meet results.

Lindsay Hosts CC Meet

The Lindsay ISD hosted a Cross Country meet on September 18 that was attended by a large number of students. We have photos of the action in these galleries:
JH Girls
JH Boys
HS Girls
HS Boys
Little Knight Fun Run

Results are on our Team App page.

Knights Run at Denton
On September 7, the Cross Country teams ran at the Ken Garland Invitational meet in Denton. Here are the results:

3200M Girls Results
Girls Team finished 3rd

Allison Hedrick ran 11:50 and placed 1st
Abby Hellman ran 14:26 and placed 16th
Story Tatum ran 15:11 and placed 21st
Kyla Taylor ran 15:21 and placed 26th
Ella Dieter ran 16:29 and placed 33rd
Rory Dulock ran 17:13 and placed 41st

Boys 5000m results
Boys Team finished 9th

Stephen Fuhrmann ran 21:43 and finished 54th
Dhruv Patel ran 23:30 and placed 105th
Colten Popp ran 24:04 and placed 113th
Matthew Hellman ran 24:26 and placed 123rd
James Paul Schmitz-Marziolla ran 25:40 and placed 133rd
Gabe McCain ran 30:26 and placed 167th

JH Does Well at Alvord
The Lindsay Junior High Cross Country teams traveled to Alvord on September 4 and both teams did well. Here are the results:

3200 JH Girls(158 total runners)
Girls Team finished in 1st Place

Autumn Hedrick ran 14:16 and placed 6th
Mary Colwelll ran 14:28 and placed 8th
Katelyn Fuhrmann ran 14:33 and placed 9th
Maya Dulock ran 14:39 and placed 10th
Natalie Fuhrmann ran 14:15 and placed 11th
Lexi Martin ran 14:54 and placed 12th
Abby Brennan ran 15:55 and placed 28th
Madeline Neu ran 16:15 and placed 34th
Emily Metzler ran 17:14 and placed 52nd
Sydney MaFarlane ran 18:05 and placed 71st
Sydney Fleitman ran 20:46 and placed 107th

3200 JH Boys(156 total runners)
Boys Team finished 3rd

Blake Keith ran 12:33 and finished 6th
Carson Corbett ran 13:41 and placed 20th
Logan Noggler ran 13:46 and placed 22nd
Blake Parsons ran 14:18 and placed 31st
Nate Klement ran 14:35 and placed 34th
Hunter Sandmann ran 17:13 and placed 78th

Junior High CC Runs at Boyd
The Lindsay Junior High Cross Country teams started off the 2019 season on August 31 at Boyd. We have photos of the event here:
Junior High Girls | Junior High Boys

Individual Results
3200 JH Boys (190 total runners)

Boys Team finished 6th
Blake Keith ran 12:53 and finished 13th
Blake Parsons ran 13:42 and placed 35th
Logan Noggler ran 13:46 and placed 38th
Nate Klement ran 13:48 and placed 39th
Carson Corbett ran 14:55 and placed 79th
Hunter Sandmann ran 15:45 and placed 110th

3200 JH Girls (174 total runners)
Girls Team finished 2nd

Mary Colwelll ran 13:48 and placed 8th
Natalie Fuhrmann ran 14:45 and placed 21st
Autumn Hedrick ran 15:04 and placed 26th
Abby Brennan ran 15:05 and placed 27th
Lexi Martin ran 15:09 and placed 29th
Madeline Neu ran 15:35 and placed 42nd
Maya Dulock ran 14:51 and placed 48th
Katelyn Fuhrmann ran 16:16 and placed 66th
Emily Metzler ran 16:59 and placed 90th
Sydney MaFarlane ran 18:05 and placed 108th
Sydney Fleitman ran 18:09 and placed 115th

Knights Run at Camp Copass
DENTON-On August 29, the LHS Cross Country teams ran at Camp Copass. We have photos of the action in these galleries:

Varsity Girls | Varsity Boys

Individual Results:

Boys Team finished 26th
Stephen Fuhrmann ran 21:34 and finished 114th
Colten Popp ran 23:33 and placed 158th
Matthew Hellman ran 24:21 and placed 165th
Dhruv Patel ran 25:30 and placed 179th
James Paul Schmitz-Marziolla ran 25:40 and placed 184th
Gabe McCain ran 30:15 and placed 187th

Girls Team finished 16th
Allison Hedrick ran 21:13 and placed 8th
Abby Hellman ran 24:43 and placed 55th
Rory Dulock ran 28:43 and placed 126th
Story Tatum ran 30:09 and placed 134th
Ella Dieter ran 31:21 and placed 139th

Knights Begin Season at Haltom City
The Lindsay Knights Cross Country teams started off the 2019 season on August 23 at the Cowtown Challenge in Haltom City. Here is how our athletes placed:

Varsity Girls (11th Place team)
Name – Position – Time
Allison Hedrick – 4th – 13:26.11
Abby Hellman – 46th – 15:52.22
Story Tatum – 75th – 17:06.79
Rory Dulock – 98th – 18:06.98
Kyla Taylor – 100th – 18:07.72
Ella Dieter – 108th – 19:45.92

Varsity Boys (9th Place team)
Name – Position – Time
Stephen Fuhrmann – 40th – 22:16.13
Hayden Ellender – 52nd – 23:02.03
Matthew Hellman – 76th – 24:44.62
Colten Popp – 77th – 24:51.58
Dhruv Patel – 84th – 26:46.65


JV Boys
Name – Position – Time
James Schmitz-Marzioli – 35th – 27:28.33

Full meet results

Cross Country Schedule is Posted
See the entire High School and Junior High Schedule here.

Head Coach
Chris Cornelison,

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