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LHS Invitational Meet

2019 LHS Invitational Meet
 January 12, 2019

Lindsay High School invites you to compete in our UIL Invitational Practice Meet. We are offering all events except CX and LD Debate. This page will be updated with more details as the meet draws near.

Deadline to enter students is Wednesday, January 9. Any drops after this date will result in forfeiture of registration fee.

Last day to add/drop is January 12. 


The entry fees for all speaking and testing events will be $7.00, except for Computer Science, which will be $10.00.


Tentative Schedule of Non-Speaking Events

Saturday January 12th

7:30     Registration in Lobby                         

8:00     Number Sense, Ready Writing, Current Events

8:30     Calculator, Computer App Set up

9:00     Computer Applications

9:30      News Writing

10:00   Spelling, Accounting, Science

10:30   Feature Writing

11:30   Editorial Writing

12:00    Social Studies, Computer Science Written
12:30   Headline Writing
1:00     Mathematics  
2:00     Literary Criticism, Computer Science Hands-On *

Tentative Schedule of Speaking Events          

Saturday January 12th

8:30      Prose, Poetry Prelims

10:00    Informative, Persuasive Prelims

12:00    Prose, Poetry Finals

1:00      Informative, Persuasive Finals




*If no conflicts with Mathematics, Hands on portion will begin at 1:00


For all events, there will only be one division.   Computer App entries limited to 3 per school, 24 total entries on a first registered, first served basis.

Awards will be presented as follows:  Individuals placing 1-6 will receive ribbons.  Team medals will be awarded as appropriate for 1st and 2nd place teams. 

Schools are asked to provide graders for each contest in which students are entered.  Experienced contest directors will be in charge of each event.  Schools entering a contestant in any speaking or writing event must supply a qualified judge; speech judges may cover either Poetry and Prose or Informative or Persuasive, but not both.  Each school must provide judges for speech and writing events. 

We will follow the conflict pattern as closely as possible, but understand that in order to speed up the process there may be a few unresolvable conflicts.  If you choose to cross-enter, it will be at your own risk.  We will NOT hold any events for students cross-entered.

Registration will begin at 7:30, and the first contests will start at 8:00.  In speaking events, the director(s) will provide the schedule for rounds to the contestants and coaches in the morning; depending on the numbers of entries and the available judges, the directors have authority as to whether or not to accelerate the event.

We will be using UIL Invitational A materials. Spelling materials provided by ASW.


Lindsay High School, 625 Knight Dr, Lindsay, TX 76250


A hospitality room will be provided for coaches.  A concession stand serving light breakfast and lunch items will be available for students in the new gym.  We do ask that students keep all food and drinks out of the classrooms. 


We are going to do our best at running the speech events as similar as we can to a district meet.  In our attempts to stay on schedule, it is important that you review the schedule to avoid cross-entering students.  If you cross enter you do so at your own risk.

Schools must provide a judge for all speech and debate events entered or their entries will not be accepted.  We will provide judges for a $75 fee as a last resort.  We do not have a judge pool to use so we ask that you provide enough judges to cover your entries.

Drops in Prose, Poetry, Persuasive Speaking, and Informative Speaking after Thursday, January 10, will result in a $25 drop fee and loss of entry fee.

Poetry and Prose categories will be announced at the site.


Spelling/Vocabulary – The spelling contest will be held in the computer lab(s), and students will need to provide their own earphones/earbuds (the regular MP3/iPod style jack found on most computers).

Ready Writing and Journalism- Since, the events allow computer usage, if you choose to use laptops, you must provide all your own power strips, extension cords, printers, paper, etc.  Also, please note:  The contest will be held in a regular classroom with limited electrical outlets so power strips may need to be shared.

Rules:  UIL rules as specified in the 2018-2019 C&CR will be applied.  Coaches and/or contestants are responsible for checking their papers during the verification periods—if held—to confirm correct scores. The verification period for this tournament will take place in the grading room by the coaches/graders.   After awards are made, no changes will be made because of incorrect scoring or keys.

We look forward to your participation in our meet.


Lindsay High School                                                                            Craig Hertel

625 Knight Dr                                                                           

Lindsay, TX 76250                                                                               Matt Brennan

Phone (940) 668-8939                                                              

Fax (940) 665-1637


updated 12-5-18