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High School UIL

UIL Participation Guidelines

UIL follows the "no pass, no play" rules.  A student must be passing to compete.  Anyone may try out for a team.  We encourage attendance at practices.  We encourage participants to go to three practice meets in the spring.  The coach will decide the final four members of each team based on performance.  

Students are expected to dress above our school dress code standards for attendance at district, regional and state meets. No jeans are allowed when competing.  

Coach Event
Rose Barnhill Spelling
Matt Brennan Current Events, Social Studies
Linus Fuhrmann Number Sense
Patty Haayen Informative & Persuasive Speaking
Craig Hertel Lit Crit, Speech, Debate,Journalism, Ready Writing, One Act Play Director
Denise Keith Science
Barbara Westbrook Accounting, Computer Applications
Taylor Zepeda Theatrical Design, One Act Play AD
Darrel Westbrook Computer Science, Mathematics
Josh Yosten Calculator Applications




LHS Invitational Meet