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Teacher Policies

Teacher Policies

Grading Guidelines (Per Handbook)

  • The six weeks’ grade for 7th through 12th grade will be determined by counting the daily grade 50% and tests/projects 50%
  • The semester grade will be determined by counting each 6 weeks grade 25% and the semester exam 25%
  • Grades will be translated as 90-100=A, 80-89=B, 75-79=C, 70-74=D, 69 and below =F
  • Six weeks grades will be determined with a minimum of 10 daily grades and 2 tests/quizzes/projects.
  • If a student does not show up and take a semester exam for a course they will receive a “0” and they will not receive credit for that semester.

Late Work Policy

  • If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to obtain notes/handouts that they missed.
  • Late work will be accepted with a deduction of 30 points.
  • It will only be accepted ONE day late, afterwards student receives a zero for the assignment.
  • Class time will be allowed for most work, but sometimes this is not enough time and it will then need to be completed as homework. 
  • Note: prearranged extracurricular activities are excluded form the extra day rule for absences.

Tardy Policy:

It is very important that students are on time to class so as not to miss any valuable instruction time. Tardy discipline is handled through the office.  Any student who is not in the classroom ready to work by the tardy bell is counted tardy unless they have a note from a teacher excusing the tardy.


Homework Pass Policy:

  • Each six weeks students will be given three passes to be used as homework, locker, or restroom passes.
  • Passes may not be used as homework passes until the next to last week of the Six Week cycle.
  • Two passes may be turned in to act as a homework pass (certain assignments excluded) and drop a daily grade.
  • If a pass is left at the end of the six weeks, students may turn it in to add 5 points to a test grade (limit 2=10 points total)

Updated 11-15-15

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