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Grading Policy

The following is my grading policy for my class.

Grades will be determined by counting the daily grades 70% and test/projects 30%. For each subject (English, Spelling, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies) I will have a minimum of 8 daily grades and 2 test/project grade per six weeks.

If a student does not turn in their homework assignment on time, they will be written up and complete the assignment during the day or at home.

If a student is absent they have one day for each day missed to complete the assignments.

I will allow students to redo a missing paper but I will deduct 10 points from grade for late work.

If a student turns in a paper that is incomplete I will have them finish it but I will deduct 10 points from the grade.

If a student makes below a 70 on an assignment they can redo the assignment. I will replace the grade with a 70 in the grade book. This applies to daily or homework only not test.

No name or number on paper will result in 5 points to be deducted from their grade.

You may view grades at any time on the parent portal on the Lindsay website.