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Lindsay ISD Foundation

Lindsay ISD Foundation

Mission of the Foundation - To provide support for teachers and students to further advance the educational opportunities for the students of Lindsay ISD.

Student Requirements

1. Student must complete the general Lindsay ISD Scholarship Application.

2. Student must complete 6 hours of community service during the student’s senior year. All
community service must be approved through the school district. Hours obtained without
approval from the school possibly will not be used.

3. Students must participate in all fund raising events of this committee. Two hours of
community service must be served for each event missed.

4. Student must maintain an overall GPA of 2.5. Students with a GPA under 2.5 must have 3
letters of reference from Lindsay HS Staff in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

5. Student must have no outstanding fines (library, meal, etc.)

6. Student must be in “Good Standing” with the school in regards to discipline record/ No
student in Alternative Education due to behavior will be eligible.

7. Students must have attend Lindsay HS the final 2 years before graduation in order to
receive the scholarship.

Staff Requirements

1. Staff member must complete the general Lindsay ISD Foundation Fund Staff application

2. Award criteria will be based on the following guidelines:

3. The degree to which student academic performance is emphasized and the project/program improves student learning

4. The degree to which the proposal addresses priority campus or district goals

5. The degree to which the budget supports the project.

How to Donate

Donations can be made by writing a check to:

Lindsay ISD Foundation
495 6th Street
Lindsay, Texas 76250

Foundation Members
Trevor Rogers
Mark Pelzel
Steve Cope
Zach Bowman
Kelley Corbett
Steffani Cornelison
Ben Hawkins
Van Hedrick
Matthew Fuhrman
Melissa Ice
Aaron Krebs

Informational Brochure
The above information was included on a brochure that was published in October 2019.  See a copy of it here.

A copy of the Foundation By-Laws can be downloaded here.