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Student Council

Lindsay High School Student Council

Student Council Decorates for Christmas

Student Council poses after decorating the high school commons.
The LHS Student Council decorated the High School commons for Christmas. Thanks to Mrs. Barnhill for the photo.

Veterans Honored at Ceremony
Kirt Patel opens the event.

The LHS Student Council organized a Veterans Day ceremony on November 11. The event was coordinated with Mrs. Badgett and Mr. Pelzel from the elementary and included Student Council members and students in grades 1, 3, and 5. The ceremony was well-received by those who attended.

We have photos of the event here.

2021-22 Officers

Kirtan Patel – President
Molly Fuhrmann – Vice President
Jase Keith – Treasurer
Tatum Fleitman – Secretary

2021-22 Members

Colton Popp – Senior Class President
Jackson Blackmon – Senior Representative
Dhruv Patel – Senior Representative
Macey Hawkins – Junior Class President
Kortnie Reiter – Junior Representative
Yash Patel – Junior Representative
Emily Metzler – Sophomore Class President
Elizabeth Hawkins – Sophomore Representative
Luke Hutcherson – Sophomore Representative
Abby Brennan – Freshman Class President
Emma Mauldin – Freshman Class Representative
Kade Cannon – Freshman Class Representative
Riya Dax – FCCLA Representative
Mary Doughty – FFA Representative
CJ Corbell – Science Club Representative
Loren Freeman – Spanish Club Representative
Emma Dieter – Cheer Representative
Audrey Colwell – Cheer Representative

Rose Barnhill – Adviser


The purpose of the Student Council is to provide a venue for student participation in administrative improvements of the school; to foster effective communication and better understanding between faculty and students, students and students, and school and community; and to develop leadership.



To serve on the Student Council or run for class officer, a student must be in good academic standing, have a good attitude and no discipline problems.  To run for Student Council office a student must have a B average, good attitude, and good conduct with no discipline problems. 


Elections of Student Council officers are held in the spring of each year. Those interested in running must submit their name to the Student Council sponsor one week prior to the election. 

Class presidents and representatives are elected at the first class meeting following Student Council elections. One class representative is elected and the other is appointed by the newly elected officers.

The presidents of student body academic clubs or another officer of the club's choice are members-at-large.


  • The Student Council will provide, when requested, speakers for invocations and benedictions at various school functions.
  • The Student Council will act as host/hostess, when requested, at Open House or other activities of this type.
  • The Student Council is responsible for all Homecoming events, including a Homecoming dance. 
  • The Student Council sponsors various events during the school year.   
  • The council also sponsors various civics and charitable projects.

Past Membership








Sponsor: Matt Brennan –

Address: PO Box 145, Lindsay,  TX 76250


updated 11-06-2020