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LHS Cheerleaders

Mini-Cheerleader Camp July 25-28

A mini-cheerleader camp will be held in the new gym July 25-28 for girls who will be in grades K-8 next year. Download the registration form here.

Cheerleaders Compete at State

Cheerleaders performing at the cheer competition.

The Varsity Cheerleaders competed at the State UIL Spirit Competition on January 13. We have photos of the event here.

Cheerleaders Do Good Work at Playoff Game
Cheerleaders on the sidelines during Alba-Golden game.

BLUE RIDGE-The Varsity Cheerleaders did a good job of cheering the Knights on the victory during the playoff game against Alba-Golden on November 12.

Photo Galleries
These galleries will be deleted sometime after July 1, 2022.
JV Cheer, Era Game, 8/26/2021

Pep Rally before the Era Game, 8/27/2021
Varsity Cheering at the Era Game, 8/27/2021
Pep Rally before the Muenster Game, 9/3/2021
Varsity Cheer at Muenster, 9/3/2021
JH Cheer, Callisburg Game, 9/9/2021
JV Cheer, Callisburg Game, 9/9/2021
Pep Rally before the Callisburg Game, 9/10/2021
Varsity Cheer at Callisburg, 9/10/2021
Pep Rally before the Valley View Game, 9/17/2021
Cheering During the Valley View Game, 9/17/2021

JH Cheer, Henrietta Game, 9/23/2021
JV Cheer, Henrietta Game, 9/23/2021
Pep Rally before the Henrietta Game, 9/24/2021
Varsity Cheer at Henrietta, 9/24/2021
Pep Rally before the Collinsville Game, 10/8/2021
Varsity Cheer, Collinsville Game, 10/8/2021
Pep Rally before the Tioga Game, 10/15/2021

Varsity Cheer, Tioga Game, 10/8/2021
JH Cheer, Tom Bean Game, 10/21/2021
Varsity Cheer, Tom Bean Game, 10/22/2021

Pep Rally before the Alvord Game, 10/29/2021
Cheering at the Alvord Game, 10/29/2021
Varsity Cheer at Trenton, 11/5/2021
Varsity Cheer, Alba-Golden Game, 11/12/2021
Pep Rally before the Marlin Game, 11/19/2021
Cheering at the Marlin Game, 11/19/2021
UIL State Spirit Competition, 1/13/2022
Cheerleaders and Fans, Era Games, 1/26/2022
Cheerleaders and Fans, Tioga Games, 2/1/2022
Cheering at the Chico game, 2/8/2022
Cheering at the Sam Rayburn game, 2/14/2022
Cheering at the Wolfe City game, 2/22/2022
Cheering at the Rivercrest game, 2/25/2022
Cheering at the North Hopkins game, 3/1/2022