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LHS Cheerleaders

Varsity Cheerleaders

Varsity cheerleaders group picture.

JV Cheerleaders
JV cheerleaders group picture

Mini-Cheerleader Camp is a Success

A mini-cheerleader camp was hosted by the Varsity Cheerleaders in July. A performance was given on July 28, and we have photos of the fun in these galleries:

Kindergarten-1st Grade
Grades 2-3
Grades 4-5
Grade 6
Junior High
Junior Varsity

Photo Galleries

JV Game vs. Paradise, 8/25/2022

Pep Rally before the Paradise Game, 8/26/2022

Knighting Ceremony, 8/26/2022

Pep Rally before the Seymour game, 9/2/2022

Mini-Cheer Performance at the Seymour game, 9/2/2022

Varsity Cheerleaders, Seymour game, 9/2/2022

Pep Rally before the Callisburg game, 9/9/2022

Varsity Cheerleaders, Callisburg game, 9/9/2022

JH Cheerleaders, Valley View Game, 9/15/2022

JV Cheerleaders, Valley View Game, 9/15/2022

Pep Rally before the Valley View Game, 9/16/2022

Varsity Cheerleaders, Valley View Game, 9/16/2022

JV Cheerleaders, Sacred Heart Game, 9/22/2022

Varsity Cheerleaders, Collinsville game, 9/23/2022

JH Cheerleaders, Celeste Game, 9/29/2022

Varsity Cheerleaders at Celeste game, 9/30/2022

JH Cheerleaders at Era, 10/6/2022

Pep Rally before the Era Game, 10/7/2022

Varsity Cheerleaders, Era Game, 10/7/2022

JH Pep Club and Cheerleaders, Santo Game, 10/13/2022

JH Cheerleaders, Santo Game, 10/13/2022

JV Cheerleaders, Santo Game, 10/13/2022

JH Cheerleaders at Muenster, 10/20/2022

JV Cheerleaders at Muenster, 10/20/2022

Pep Rally before the Muenster Game, 10/21/2022

Senior Presentation at the Pep Rally (no sound), 10/21/2022

Varsity Cheerleaders, Muenster Game, 10/21/2022

JH Cheerleaders, Chico Game, 10/27/2022

JV Cheerleaders at Sacred Heart, 10/27/2022

Pep Rally before the Chico Game, 10/28/2022

Varsity Cheerleaders at Chico, 10/29/2022

Cheering at the Chico Volleyball Playoff Game, 11/1/2022

Pep Rally before the Volleyball State Tournament, 11/16/2022