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LHS Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders Dazzle at Muenster
Cheerleaders performance at Muenster.

The Varsity Cheerleaders performed an impressive routine during halftime of the Muenster game on September 3.

Photo Galleries
JV Cheer, Era Game, 8/26/2021
Pep Rally before the Era Game, 8/27/2021
Varsity Cheering at the Era Game, 8/27/2021
Pep Rally before the Muenster Game, 9/3/2021
Varsity Cheer at Muenster, 9/3/2021
JH Cheer, Callisburg Game, 9/9/2021
JV Cheer, Callisburg Game, 9/9/2021
Pep Rally before the Callisburg Game, 9/10/2021
Varsity Cheer at Callisburg, 9/10/2021
Pep Rally before the Valley View Game, 9/17/2021
Cheering During the Valley View Game, 9/17/2021

JH Cheer, Henrietta Game, 9/23/2021
JV Cheer, Henrietta Game, 9/23/2021
Pep Rally before the Henrietta Game, 9/24/2021
Varsity Cheer at Henrietta, 9/24/2021
Pep Rally before the Collinsville Game, 10/8/2021
Varsity Cheer, Collinsville Game, 10/8/2021
Pep Rally before the Tioga Game, 10/15/2021

Varsity Cheer, Tioga Game, 10/8/2021