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Business Office



  • The Business Office is a service organization. We exist to assist all of the staff for the school district either directly or indirectly. The business office is responsible for the following areas: payroll, benefits, accounts payable, purchasing, travel statements, and property and casualty insurance. Of course, payroll and associated benefits being the most important to the majority of employees. We desire for each employee to be familiar with all of the procedures and expect employees that have an assigned campus to report to and work with the principal of that campus and the campus secretary.  In so doing, each school’s administrator will be a part of the process and informed on all campus level requests.
  • Current member of  TASBO.     [ TxEIS link ]



Activity Driver Payroll NBS - FSA Claim Form Sub Bus Driver
Direct Deposit Authorization Out-of-Town Trip Sheet Travel/Purchase Reimbursement *
Direct Deposit Cancellation Payroll Change Form W-4 Form
Fundraiser Authorization   W-9 Form
Fundraiser Tabulation Report Pre-Travel Reimbursement *  
Missed Punch Form P.O. Request *


Financial Audits


Health Insurance and Benefits



Payroll changes and time sheets need to be turned in before the 10th of each month to the business office. If you participate in direct deposit then your pay is in your bank by 10 am on the 24th. 


Purchasing Information 

  • We will utilize the electronic Purchase Order system. The following guidelines will apply to all employees:
  1. The teacher/employee should complete a Request for Purchase Order form by hand and submit it to the principal or supervisor of his or her building or department.
  2. The principal or supervisor will approve and code the request and enter into TxEIS.
  3. The  Director of Finance & Support Services will electronically approve the request and submit it to the superintendent.
  4. The superintendent will complete the final approval and assign a purchase order number.
  5. The A/P clerk will print the purchase order. Please include explicit instructions on the purchase order, so the A/P clerk will know  how to handle the PO. If a check is required then a “need by date” is necessary.
  6. The A/P clerk will send a copy of the purchase order to the campus. All orders will be delivered to the business office. The superintendent secretary will check in all the merchandise.
  7. When all of the items on the purchase order have been received and the original invoice is received, the A/P clerk will make the payment.
  8. Principals should regularly check their balances because differences in the encumbered amount and the amount that is actually invoiced and paid may be different.
  9. Everyone must plan ahead and allow at least 5 working days for a PO to be approved.
  10. These procedures apply to all purchases and all funds.
  • Credit cards, charge accounts, reimbursements:  (no students shall use credit cards)

A. Any purchase with the Wal-Mart credit card (may be used at Sam’s Club with Sam’s tax exempt card) shall have a properly assigned purchase order (PO) prior to the purchase. The charge shall be for no more then the PO is written. The card should be picked up and returned by the same person. No students shall use the card.

*Note: Be certain you let the cashier know that you have a tax exempt card. This will keep from being charged taxes. The cashier will ask for a PO number. Return receipt and the card to the business office.

B. Lindsay ISD has established numerous charge accounts around Gainesville, mostly used by the maintenance and transportation departments, but others as well. The same procedure will apply for using any charge account. A properly assigned PO shall be processed prior to obtaining goods and services. The purchaser is responsible to make certain the PO number is written /typed by the vendor on the invoice so the business office knows how to fund the PO and pay the bill. Please return invoices to your school secretary or business office.

C. Occasionally, strange events happen or emergencies occur. Discuss these situations with your principal or supervisor for instructions on how to proceed in an unusual circumstance. However, remember that purchase orders should be completed and approved, at least verbally by your campus principal or superintendent.


Travel Information 

  • Travel - Student Meal rate: $6 per meal
  1. Meals for non-overnight travel cannot be reimbursed per IRS regulations.
  2. Principal/Department supervisors will work with you on the registration fee to be paid by Lindsay ISD and the appropriate mileage (gas money).
  3. Overnight travel: History shows us that you travel overnight for various UIL Academic and Athletic events from time to time. Meal rates will be first day.
  • $8 Breakfast (leaves by 7am)
  • $10 Lunch (leave before 12 pm)
  • $14 Dinner (leave by 5 pm) and
  • $32 a day for each full day after first day
  • Allowance for last day will be calculated as the first day. So, it is outlined that you work with your principal/supervisor to determine all your expected cost well in advance of departure. Lindsay ISD will not reimburse for late requisitioned cost, only with timely requisitioned cost.
  • Travel forms may by turned in by the 5th of the month.

For workshops/conference trips, rooms may be reserved with the school credit card, but the PO will be made out to you. You will be given a check made out to you to cover room/s, meals and mileage at least 7 days in advance of departure date.