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Mr. Todd Armstrong

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Welcome to our new web site!

Todd N ArmstrongWe accomplished nearly every goal for last school year and even managed to place a great, contemporary, all-in-one touchscreen computer on every teacher’s desk in August.

In addition to focusing on improved audio-visual equipment needs, we’re currently adding a large number of student devices, while also updating a second high school computer lab.

The following section contains general, future-based goals for the district...

New Lindsay ISD school technology will include…

  • High-speed, reliable infrastructure components (including a fast fiber optic backbone, 1-to-10gbps-capable internal networking, adequate WiFi for all users, shared laser printing and document scanning).
  • Improved audio-visual equipment in every classroom and meeting room (wireless/portable document cameras, higher resolution projectors, wider projection screens, brighter imagery, clearer stereo and/or surround-sound, with both wired and wireless connectivity options).
  • Contemporary computing for all teachers and staff (large touchscreen all-in-one PCS and/or 2-in-1 laptops, easily connectable to AV equipment and including wireless interactivity for presentation control).
  • Ample touch-enabled student devices (in labs, on carts and/or charging shelves) running standardized office and cloud-based software.
  • Information KIOSKS (in lobbies, hallways and waiting rooms) displaying school announcements and highlighting recent activities.
  • Continued emphasis on web-based communication and collaboration (via the main school web site, subsidiary web sites, school email, group messaging and online learning management systems).
  • Additional educational software subscription access, for both staff and students, increasing the availability, quality and efficiency of 21st-century learning tools.
  • Enhanced telephone and intercom communications equipment.


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2017-18 Greeting


I joined Lindsay ISD in the Fall of 2017, and I look forward to the challenge of expanding and improving our educational and administrative technology.

Some clear district-wide improvements we're targeting for the 2017-18 school year include:

     * Increasing Internet bandwidth, while decreasing monthly fees

     * Installing additional WIFI access points for student device use

     * Upgrading from Cat5 to Cat6 cabling for new installs

     * Transfering everyone to Google school email

     * Making wise use of Google Drive, for backups and sharing

     * Improving/replacing the main web site

     * Launching a few, helpful student-based web sites/domains

     * Simplifying the network, while documenting everything

     * Replacing virtual computing with personal computing

     * Reducing LAN dependency while increasing cloud use

     * Planning for future replacement of the elementary iMac lab

     * Upgrading our video surveillance system and/or cameras

     * Equipping the IT department with a useful set of tools

     * Changing to an internally-housed web filter

     * Adding a cart-full of Windows touch laptops (high school)

     * Reimaging older technology to extend its usefulness

     * Repurposing some existing technology for other uses

     * Recycling clearly-outdated technology

     * Piloting new, cost-effective device standards

     * And much more!

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