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Superintendent Trevor Rogers
Superintendent Trevor Rogers
The coming of a new school year always brings a heightened level of excitement and anticipation as we look forward to the events, activities, and challenges.  The 2019-2020 school year will be my 29th year to serve in public education.  Each year has had its own unique components.  I am sure the 2019-2020 will be no different and I am eager to see what’s in store!
Before we look at the new changes that we hope to implement this year, we look back on 2018-2019 as being another great year for Lindsay ISD.  The year was full of great successes across the board in various academic competitions and extra-curricular events.  LISD finished 4th in the UIL’s annual Lone Star Cup which rewards school disricts points for performance in various UIL sponsored programs.  The district recieved an “A” rating from the state regarding the academic performance of the students district wide.  Financially, we scored a “100” on the required Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas report which is the state’s system for measuring the financial condition of school districts.  In order for us to do well in all areas of operation, we have to have great people.  LISD has a wonderful staff who goes the extra mile to ensure that our students recieve the best educational experience possible. We are thankful for each one and appreciate all that they do each and every day!
Safety continues to be a top priority in today’s schools nation wide.  As we enter 2019-2020, LISD has made several changes in an attempt to improve the level of safety within the district.  As you visit each campus, you will immediately notice the new security vestibules.  The purpose of the vestibule is to involve all visitors in some form of interaction before being allowed to enter the school.  Folks who have ill intent in mind will typically give some sort of warning signs.  The vestibule will allow us the chance to catch these signs before a horrbile catastrophe takes place.  In conjunction with the security vestibules, we will also be using the Raptor Identification System.  The Raptor system will allow the us the opportunity to identify anyone who has been convicted of a sexual offense.  The system will also help us by printing off ID badges that will help identify all guests to the district.  Since our schools are directly attached to public roads and since our JH/HS students have to walk along a road in oder to go to the cafeteria, we will be marking off parts of the areas where students are exposed to traffic.  Beginning at 8:30 AM and ending at 2:45 PM each day, we will place barriers along those areas where our student migh be exposed to traffic.  We appreciate your help and support as we do all that we can to help keep our students safe!
Along with safety improvements we have added a few changes to our facilities and overall operations as well.  We are proud to say that we have finally installed air conditioning in the “old” gym!  Our football field took a beating last year due to the large amounts of rain.  Over the summer we were able to basically put a new surface on the field.  For the 2nd consecutive year, we were able to purchase a new bus after having gone an extended time using older busses.  We have also continued to maintain the appearance of the district as we have addressed a wide range of painting needs, we have had an extensive tree trimming program, and we have continued to improve some of the roads around the district.
Academically we are excited to introuduce the first components of the district’s “5 C and a T” program.  The district completed a study of the most needed skills in today’s workplace.  What we found is that employers are looking for people who are of high Character and who have the abliltiy to Communicate well with others both verbally and in writing.  Employers love employees who are Creative who are good teammates with others as the workplace demands Collaboration.  Critical thinking is important for students to learn as employers look for employees who can solve problems not create new ones.  Last but not least, Technology is a part of today’s world.  No work place will go untouched by some sort of technological advancement.  Students need to have a sound foundation regarding the more common technological skills needed in the every day work place.
The goal of Lindsay ISD is to create a graduate level expectation for each of these skills for every student to obtain before graduation. Once the ultimate expectation is set, we will “walk back” a curriculum plan for each skill and for each grade level so that the process builds through graduation.  LISD has planned to address 2 skills each year for the next 3 years.  In 2019-2020, we will intriduce the first 2 skills which are technology and character.  We have designed a technology curriculum which will allow us to address specific technology based skills at each grade level  For our Character Education program, we have selected the Project Wisdom Curriculum.  The curriculum will give our students daily reminders about what good character is supposed to look like.  Communication and Collaboration are the next 2 components that we will look at.  Throughout 2019-2020 we will be looking at ideas and strategies that will best help us to teach these skills to our students.  
As we go through the year, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about LISD.  
We thank you for your continued help and support as we continue to make Lindsay ISD to be the best “Small School District in the Stat


Trevor Rogers
Lindsay ISD

Superintendent Contract – [2017-2019]  [2019-2022 extension] [2019-2022 addendum]

Mr. Rogers was named the “Lone Finalist” by the Lindsay ISD Board of Trustees as Superintendent in March of 2017. He was hired on March 27th and started as the new superintendent on Monday, April 3, 2017.

He began his teaching career in Paris ISD as a coach. He also coached in Whitehouse, and Jacksonville, and then became a principal in Jacksonville, Angleton, Grand Saline, and Harleton. He served as superintendent at Roxton from 2010-2015, and in May of 2015 was superintendent in Linden-Kildare, until becoming superintendent here at Lindsay ISD.

Mr. Rogers and his wife, Stacey, have two boys, Luke, who is a freshman, and Landry, who is in the 5th grade.  They love the small school setting and environment Lindsay ISD offers, a wide range of excellent programs that his boys will be involved in.