• “it shall be the duty of every male citizen of the United States, and every other male person residing in the United States, who…is between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six, to present himself for and submit to registration…”

                                                                [Section 2(a), Military Selective Service Act]

    1.  Although no draft is in effect, men are required to register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday.  (Note:  Men may submit registration information at 17 years of age.  Their information is held until 30 days prior to their 18th birthday, when it is then processed).

    2.  Male U.S. citizens and most male aliens residing in the United States are required to register.

    3.  Because Selective Service law refers to “male persons”, women are not subject to registration or a possible draft.  Congress would have to change the wording of the law in order for women to be registered.

    4.  The current registration requirement applies to men born after December 31, 1959.

    5.  Men may register at any U.S. Post Office, or a U.S. embassy, or consular office.  They may also register by mail if they receive a registration reminder postcard in the mail or at high schools participating in the High School Registrar Program.  They may also register instantly online through the Agency’s web site, at http://www.sss.gov/ .  Also, men may register by telephone if they receive a Selective Service registration card in the mail with a PIN number allowing telephone registration.

    6.  The only information a man provides when he registers is his name, address date of birth, and Social Security number.

    7.  At this same time, a man’s only duty under the Military Selective Service Act is to register when required and subsequently, to notify Selective Service within 10 days of any changes in the information he provided on his registration form until he turns 26 years old (after January 1 of the year in which he turns 26).

    8.  Failing to register or otherwise comply with the Military Selective Service Act is a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000, imprisonment for up to five years, or both.

    9.  Eligibility for Federal student aid, job training benefits, U.S. citizenship, and most Federal and certain state government employment is tied to whether a man is registered with Selective Services.

    10.  The purpose of registration is to have a list of names and addresses of men who might be called if it is necessary to reinstate the draft.