• Travel - Student Meal rate: $6 per meal


    Travel Staff – Travel Reimbursement Form       
                         Multi-Travel Reimbursement Form

    Travel to various prior approved workshops may be reimbursed up to 

    37.5 cents a mile.  Please use the link to calculate your mileage.

    1        Meals for non-overnight travel cannot be reimbursed per IRS regulations. 

    2        Principal/Department supervisors will work with you on the registration
          fee to be paid by Lindsay ISD and the appropriate mileage (gas money).
    Overnight travel: History shows us that you travel overnight for various
    UIL Academic and Athletic events from time to time. Meal rates will be first day

    ·        $8 Breakfast (leaves by 7am)

    ·        $10 Lunch (leave before 12 pm)

    ·        $14 Dinner (leave by 5 pm) and

    ·        $32 a day for each full day after first day

    Allowance for last day will be calculated as the first day. So, it is
    outlined that you work with your principal/supervisor to determine
    all your expected cost well in advance of departure. Lindsay ISD
    will not reimburse for late requisitioned cost, only with timely
    requisitioned cost.

    ·        Travel forms may by turned in by the 5th of the month.

    For workshops/conference trips, rooms may be reserved with the school
    credit card, but the PO will be made out to you. You will be given a
    check made out to you to cover room/s, meals and mileage at least 7 days
    in advance of departure date.