• 2016-2017 Supply List-Yosten  

    Planner/Assignment notebook (A good (somewhat pricey though) option for kids with organizational struggles can be found at www.orderoochaos.com.)
    Spiral Notebook or Composition Notebook (One for each class I have you for)
    Headphones (optional.  I do have a communal set if you don't mind sharing
    4AAA Batteries (Math only)
    Index Cards (lined or unlined; colored or white; small or large)
    Glue Sticks (several! Or will need to be replenished regularly throughout the year.  They run out quickly)


    Wish List


    Disinfectant Wipes

    Amazon Gift Cards (classroom expenses)

    Age appropriate (10-18yo) gently used books

    Alternative Seating: (Yoga Balls, video game chairs, bean bag seats, etc.)