We are delighted to invite you to the Lindsay Angel Tournament on Saturday, September 16. Lindsay is located on Hwy. 82, just 5 miles west of I-35. We are offering CX Debate, LD Debate, Poetry, Prose and Extemporaneous Speaking. We will use the UIL topics and rules for each of these events.

    The Angel Philosophy: Each debater entry can have an experienced debater (an “Angel”) to assist and guide them through their event. The entries for this tournament should be Novices; a “Novice” is generally defined as students who have not competed in an event before.

    Judges: Each school is expected to supply a judge for every TWO debate entries or potion thereof, and for every FOUR IE entries or portion thereof.

    Entries: Due by 5:00 pm on Thursday, September 14.

    Drops: Any drops on the day of the meet will result in a $50 penalty, plus loss of entry fee. 

    Fees: $20 for each CX team, $10 for each LD, $7 for each Individual Event.

    Any students who cross enter must accept responsibility for getting to both events. Entries in Debate may not Cross Enter.

    Debate Topics:

    CX -- Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the United States.

    LD – UIL Fall Topic.

    We look forward to seeing you on September 16th!

     Meet Contact: Craig Hertel              chertel@lindsayisd.org


    8:00     Registration Begins

    9:00     LD, CX, Prose– Round 1

    10:00   Poetry, Extemporaneous Speaking – Round 1

    11:00    LD, CX, Prose– Round 2

    12:00    Poetry, Extemporaneous Speaking – Round 1

    1:00     LD, CX, Prose– Round 3

    2:00     Prose, Poetry, Extemporaneous Speaking Finals