• Nov. 26-Dec. 2

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  • Oct. 24-28

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    PaytonPaytonStephen is proud of the Aggies. KirtanFire safety program. Pirates are not using safety rules. Clowns trying to teach pirates safety rules.Fire safety program. Look at our cool hats. We had fun at the fire safety program. We like our hats. Making imprints. What made this imprint?Nice imprint Jesse. Wow cool imprint!Nice job Lexi. I didn't know imprints could be so messy.Inside out day. Taylor Pelzel shared a story with the 2nd grade class.Dawson Holt shared a poem with us. We planted some hairy heads. We are learning about dinosaurs. My dinosaur is a plant eater. I wish I could have a dinosaur for a pet!We dress up real well.Aren't we beautiful?It's party time. Awesome party!Look at all this good food. I love parties. Thank you room parents for a great party. Look at these cool masks. A spy and a midnight fairy. It was a great party. I think I ate too much. Like my mask?Twinkies!Go Lindsay Knights and Cowboys.Nice monsters 2nd grade. Witches and Frankensteins. More witches and Frankensteins.
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  • October 17-21

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    Go Rangers!!!Working hard in art.
    Awesome art.Working together.
    2nd grade is great!Learning about fossils.
    Hunting for fossils.We love to dig!
    Safety first. What will we find?
    I think we found a treasure.Writing in our science journal.
    More science journal writing.On our way to the ag barn.  What will we find?
    We found baby pigs!Another pig.
    The pig likes Matthew.We love the pigs.
    I think I want one!Walking back to class.
    Do we look like we are from the 80s.Yep we are dressed like the 80s.
    FriendsPep rally time!
    Henry dressed like 80s headed to pep rally.We get to wear arm bands to the pep rally.
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  • October 10-14

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    science lab
    Clay working on some science!One of the predictions.
    Another prediction.Watching to see what happens.
    Friday was pink out.We still wore orange on Friday for Mrs. Dieter.
    Anna with her football face.  Who will get the ball this time?
    Nice run Clay!Outside fun!
    Love it!Nash, Mrs. Dieters youngest son>
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  • Homecoming Week

    Posted by Sherry Copeland on 10/10/2011 8:00:00 PM
    Madison Reiter and Stephen Fuhrmann
    Group Picture
    Henry, Mathew, Tyler
    Lexi in her Royalty.
    Payton making log cabin
    Royal Jacob and his log cabin.
    Diesel's log cabin
    Clay and his log cabin
    Sam with her log cabin
    Reece, that looks yummy!
    Chocolate is the best part of making log cabins.
    Yes I did this all by myself!  Great job, Sierah.
    Natalie, Trinity, Lexi and Jessica
    Mrs. Cooper and Tyler at pep rally
    Kyleigh  and Madison performing at pep rally
    pep rally fun
    Mrs. Dieter's son Nick at the pep rally
    Mrs. Coopers son Ryan at Homecoming
    This ones for you Mrs. Dieter!
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  • September

    Posted by Sherry Copeland on 9/20/2011 9:00:00 PM
    AR testing
    Jesse our Gotcha card winner for 1st six weeks
    Proud Lindsay Knights
    Friends Sam and Madison
    Best buds Kirten and Jacob
    Anna our Knighthood winner for 1st six weeks
    Payton and Reece sharing a book while learning about health
    2nd grade art is soo much fun thinks Trinity and Lexi
    more awesome art
    Test time
    Tyler writing his biography
    Proper nouns Mrs. Dieters puppy Patti.
    Nice discipline Kyleigh!
    football fun
    second graders
    Emalyn sitting nicely in PE
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