• Discipline Management Plan – Elementary (2017-2018)

    Dress Code Offenses (Per Semester Referred to office)


    • 1st Offense – Warning Letter and Phone Call Home; Correct the offense 
    • 2nd Offense – After-School Detention; Correct the offense
    • 3rd Offense – Parent Conference and 1 Day In-School Suspension; Correct the offense
    • 4th Offense – Parent Conference and 2 Day In-School Suspension; Correct the offense
    • 5th Offense – Parent Conference and 3 Days In-School Suspension; Correct the offense


    Tardy Policy (Late to school) (Per Semester)


    • 1st Tardy – Warning
    • 2nd Tardy –Lunch detention
    • 3rd Tardy – 30-minute Detention
    • 4th Tardy – 1 hour Detention
    • 5th Tardy – 1 day of ISS
    • 6th Tardy – 2 days of ISS
    • 7th Tardy – 3 days of ISS


    Bus Discipline (Per Semester)


    • 1st Offense – Conference with student and phone call to parents
    • 2nd Offense – Lunch Detention
    • 3rd Offense – After School Detention
    • 4th Offense – Suspended from the bus for 5 days
    • 5th Offense – Suspended from the bus for the remainder of the semester (Minimum of 2 weeks)


    Level I Offenses (Classroom and Hallway Behaviors)


    •   Not bringing necessary materials to class.
    •   Not participating in classroom activities.
    •   Eating/drinking in undesignated areas.
    •   Violating the telecommunication device guidelines.
    •   Horseplay/scuffling (not fighting).


    Level I Consequences (Teacher Consequences)


    • Warning to student.
    • Confiscation of food, drink, and/or telecommunication devices.
    • Documented parental contact by teacher.
    • Teacher held detention(s) or consequence.
    • Prior to referring a student to the office, the staff members are encouraged to document parental contact and document attempted interventions.
    • Teachers can send a student to the office at any time.


    Level II Offenses (Referral to Office)


    • Persistent Level I offenses.
    • Disrespect.
    • Cheating/plagiarism.
    • Inappropriate language non-directed.
    • Inappropriate language to other student(s).
    • Not serving a teacher assigned detention.
    • Disruptive behavior.


    Level II Consequences (Principal Discretion may include any of these consequences)


    • Conference
    • Lunch Detention
    • After school detention
    • 2 Afterschool Detentions
    • In School Suspension
    • 2 Days In School Suspension
    • Out of School Suspension
    • DAEP
    • Other as appropriate for the offense


    Level III Offenses


    • Persistent Level II offenses.
    • Disrupting the school environment or educational process.
    • Using profane, vulgar, obscene, or threatening language including hit lists (written or verbal); or obscene gestures.
    • Using ethnic, racial or gender-related slurs or inappropriate acts towards others.
    • Fighting.
    • Using lighters or matches.
    • Possessing ammunition.
    • Stealing or unauthorized possession of another person’s property.
    • Assault of another student or adult that is not a removable (DAEP) or expellable offense.
    • Vandalizing, defacing or damaging school property, including non-felony graffiti.
    • Sexual harassment, hazing, bullying or cyber-bullying.
    • Possessing, distributing, or using fireworks, stink bombs, smoke bombs, other noxious chemicals, or “shock” pens.


     Possible Level III Consequences (Principal Discretion may include any of these consequences)


    • Afterschool Detention
    • In School Suspension
    • Out of School Suspension
    • DAEP