The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:

    ·         The school administration shall have the ultimate authority to determine violations relative to the dress code.

    ·         Students may only wear Lindsay ISD spirit attire.  Garments that are from/represent/promote another public or private school district other than Lindsay ISD will not be permitted.

    ·         Students may not wear apparel with inappropriate content or graphics displaying tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, lewd, offensive, vulgar, sexual, or obscene writings or pictures, satanic or gang related writings or pictures, death, murder, dismemberment, skulls or any other connotations deemed inappropriate by the principal.

    ·         Students may not wear caps or hats in buildings. The administration may make exceptions during approved student activities.

    ·         Students may not wear sunglasses in any building during the instructional day. This includes wearing the sunglasses on top of one’s head. The administration may make exceptions during approved student activities.

    ·         Students may not wear chains as part of their attire. The exception is those chains worn as jewelry.

    ·         Students may not wear sleeveless attire that is less than the width on the student’s shoulder.

    ·         Students may not wear sun dress, halter tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, see-through tops, racer back tops, or low-neck blouses. This includes dresses and tops that are low cut in the back.

    ·         No cleavage should be visible on any female students. 

    ·         Students may wear shorts prior to November 1 and beginning March 1. K-2 Shorts must be to mid-thigh. 3-6 Shorts are to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee cap.

    ·         Girls may wearing dresses, skirts, or shorts (Including cheer skirts). K-2 extend at least to mid-thigh (including slits). 3-6 extend no less than 2 inches above the kneecap (including slits).

    ·         Students may not wear pajama style clothing except during approved student activities or when approved by the campus principal.

    ·         Students are required to wear tennis/athletic shoes during physical education classes.

    ·         Teachers may require students to remove hoodies or jackets during class time

    ·         Students may not wear pants that are baggy, saggy, frayed, dragging the floor, containing holes or have writing across the seat.

    ·         Students may not wear Capri pants that are less than 2 inches above the kneecap.

    ·         K-2 Girls may wear tights/leggings. 3-6 girls may wear tights/leggings with dress or skirt no shorter than 2 inches above the kneecap.

    ·         Students may not wear flip flops or house shoes. Heel straps or other rear enclosures that cover the heel are required for any type of open toed shoe. Backless shoes are allowed if the shoe is closed toed.

    ·         If wearing boots pants legs must be worn outside the boot. Tapered pants that will not fit outside of the boot may be worn inside the boot.  Rubber boots are not an acceptable boot to be worn at school.

    ·         Students may not have hairstyles that are distracting with unnatural coloring, shaving, or designs. Feathers may not be worn in the hair.

    ·         Male students may not have hair that touches the collar of a polo style shirt or extends below the ear lobe. Hair may not extend below the eyebrow when straightened. In addition sideburns shall not extend below the ear lobe.

    ·         Girls may not wear more than two earrings per ear.  Gauge/plug earrings (earrings designed to gradually expand the hole in the ear) are prohibited.  No other visible body piercing is allowed for any student. Boys may not wear earrings.