•  6th Grade Math and Science Grading Policy

     Every grading period, students will have 2 tests or projects that will make up 40% of their grade.  Additionally, there will be a minimum of 8 daily grades or quizzes that will be calculated as 60% of their grade.  
    Assignments that are not turned in to the teacher are documented as an M, in gradebook.  A grade of 0 is the result of the code of M.  Missing assignments may be the result of a student who has been absent or has not completed their assignments and/or turned them into the classroom teacher.  
    During our tutorial period, students may make corrections to improve daily grades.  Students who make corrections with my assistance may earn back half credit for problems missed.  Corrections must be made on the day that the assignment is returned to the student.
    Students may need to be retaught information when appropriate progress is not shown on tested material.  Dates of tutorials will be noted on a student test when it is returned to the student.  The retest date will also be noted on the test.   
    Assignments are due at the beginning of each class period.  If the assignment is not readily available at the beginning of the class, it is late work and will result in the following consequences. 
    1 day late-15 point deduction and a conduct report mark 
    2 days late-30 point deduction and a conduct report mark 
    3 days or more late-Assignment will no longer be accepted for credit.
    Students will be allowed one day per absence to complete makeup work due to an excused absence.   
    Unidentified papers/no name papers will receive a 10 point deduction from the assignment grade.