• Geometry/Algebra II Syllabus

    Room: 115

    Conference period: 10:10-11:00 (3rd period)

    Tutorial times: Thursday mornings 7:30-8:05

    Contact: jyosten@lindsayisd.org

    Student Updates: Parent Portal

    Keys to Success

    1. Treat others as you want to be treated


    2. Make it important to you


    3. Be willing to work for it

    Grading Procedures 


    Daily Work-50%
    Late Work-Lose thirty points
    Home Work expectations-When home work is given, there is class time set for it. If the student does not finish in class, then it is homework. Most Homework is used as a boost for the following quiz.

    Class work/Homework-Students are expected to write in pencil and have their name on each assignment. Students will take 2-4 tests every six weeks and will have 9-12 daily grades for each six weeks. If there are enough daily grades, then one will be dropped. Zeros, late grades, and missing grades will not be dropped. Late work is highly discouraged and will result in a max grade of 70. 



    1. Pencils

    2. Red pen

    3. Spiral notebook

    4. Paper

    5. Folder or binder (can be used with other classes)

    6. Kleenex (optional)

    syllabus (word document)