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     My name is Tammy Fuhrmann, and I will be teaching fourth grade math and science this year.  I taught third grade in Lindsay many moons ago.  It was one of the best experiences in my 23 years in education.  Other districts that I have had an opportunity to work include Terrell ISD, Dallas ISD, Plano ISD and Gainesville ISD.  My classroom experience includes third and fourth grades.  I also have 13 years in administration.  My family and I live in Lindsay.   My husband is Glenn Fuhrmann, and we have a set of eleven year old twins (Molly and Clay). They are in sixth grade this year in Lindsay.
    I would like to tell you that I will be posting lots of things on my website this year, but honestly, that probably will not happen.  My job is to make sure your child receives the education that he/she deserves, and I can guarantee that. But, I do not promise to post stuff on a regular basis.  Feel free to write letters, email, call or set up conferences if you need to know anything or have questions.  Homework will be written in planners everyday.  I do not give excessive homework and I promote using time wisely in the classroom.  This means there may be times when your child comes home with homework completed.  Homework will consist of content that students should already have mastered but must be practiced to maintain mastery.  For the first six weeks, homework will mainly consist of computation practice (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).  With some assignments, students will be required to actually write the problems on notebook paper.  Students often forget how to line the numbers up correctly without the practice.
     I have to tell you that I am pretty much an old school teacher.  I expect students to do as I ask and stay on task in the classroom.  I will take care of things like talking in classroom and other minor issues.  If the situation is serious, I will contact you.  There isn't much that I haven't seen in 23 years.  
    With all that said, I want you to know that I will love and take care of your child as if he/she is my own.  There will be times that I will need your help and there will be times when you will need my help.  We must be a team. 
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