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Weekly Focus

Weekly Focus

Week of February 26- March 2

Math: Graphs 19.1-19.4 Monday will be a benchmark

Reading: The First Tortilla page 162-177

Spelling: Vowel Digraphs 00, ue, ew, ui

too, new, fruit, blue, true, fool, suit, spoon, clue, juice, drew, flew

*know  *don’t

Vocabulary Words: awaken, cliffs, mountain, prize, rainbow, suffer, volvano

Language Arts: Adverbs that tell how

Science/Health: We will  wrap up our unit on Earth’s Resources, including a unit 5 test on Wednesday. They we will start unit on weather

Social Studies: Rights and Responsibilities

Fridays: Weekly Test(comprehension, high frequency words/phonics, grammar,  social studies, and spelling)